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Our Background

Why customs complete was founded

Whilst working in the Logistics industry in Ireland, CEO and Founder Michael Doyle witnessed first hand the increasing demand for quality Customs Clearance Agents as the uncertainty of Brexit loomed over Ireland, the UK and continental Europe.

He founded this dynamic company to bring a new and exciting offering to the Customs and Logistics space. The comprehensive range of services enables Customs Complete to offer a unique and tailored solution to businesses of all sizes that are trading with Ireland, the UK and France. With operations now expanding at a steady rate we have opened hubs in Galway, London and Le Havre, with other European offices in the pipeline. 

Customs Complete is a one stop shop for all Customs Clearance, Logistics, Supply Chain and Source and Supply needs and the bespoke model is designed to offer a best in class, and cost effective solution to each company. We assist businesses to buy, sell, rent, repair and exhibit products globally and allow customers to outsource the Customs and Logistics element of their business.

With over 10 year’s experience in global logistics, our expertise and extensive network of partners ensure that – no matter the challenge – we will get your goods from A to B hassle free. 

We believe in honest, reliable, communication and strive to get to know our clients and partners on a personal level. It is no wonder then that over 90% of our current clients have come to us by recommendation. 

Customs Complete – A to B Made Easy

Extraordinary Service

At Customs Complete we strive to offer a best in class service across a global market, offering a comprehensive streamlined service to customers of any size. Customs Complete specialises in providing efficient and cost effective Source and Supply, Customs Clearance and Logistics services globally. 

Our end to end logistics services are designed to minimize disruption within supply chains and ensure that goods flow continuously and uninterrupted to their final destination.

In Depth Knowledge & Expertise

Our source and supply service is specifically designed to restore the trade patterns to their former structure pre Brexit. We have analysed the supply chains that exist within the UK, Ireland and Mainland Europe and understand where the complexities lie. Understanding the challenges enables us to offer an End to End service, which can source and supply your product to or from its destination with minimal disruption.


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