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What exactly do we do?

Customs Complete are your trusted partners for all Customs, Logistics and Supply Chain services at a global scale. Having offices in the UK, Ireland and La Havre allows us to avoid unwanted delays and charges for customers.

Our End to End approach ensures that every aspect of the delivery of your goods is taken care of. We know that time is money, so our Customs Clearance and Supply Chain services are designed to maximize efficiency within the supply chain and enable the smooth flow of goods to their destination. 

Customs Complete was specifically founded to restore trade patterns to their former structure pre-Brexit. We have analysed the supply chains that exist with the UK, Ireland and Mainland Europe and understand where the complexities lie. This allows us to offer a bespoke end to end service which can source and supply your product to or from its destination with minimal disruption.

Containers, Seaplanes, and Machinry are placed near a port

Customs clearance

At Customs Complete we are experts in the preparation and production of Customs Clearance documents. We have vast experience in helping companies import and export their goods to and from Ireland, the UK and France. Organisations all over the UK, France and Ireland have trusted us with the preparation and presentation of their Customs Clearance Documents. Our main Customs Clearance services are listed below:

Our stellar service and customer facing approach is proven by the fact that over 90% of our current customers have contacted us from a recommendation.

Import Declarations are a legal requirement for all goods coming into Ireland from outside the EU. To ensure that the goods move freely through customs, the declaration needs to be submitted before the goods depart. This gives customs plenty of time to identify the goods, make sure that they’re compliant, and avoid putting the shipment into storage.


Export Declarations are a requirement for any goods being exported outside the EU. The Export Declaration needs to be submitted to customs at the port of departure. It provides information on what’s being exported, helping customs to identify any prohibited or restricted goods that could be subject to conditions or require a license. 


A Transit Declaration procedure facilitates the movement of goods through the UK as a common transit country. This allows duties and other charges on imported and exported goods to be suspended until they arrive at their destination.


Imported goods need an ENS (Entry Summary Declaration) and exported goods will require an EXS (Exit Summary Declaration). These declarations must be completed before arriving at the port. Customs Complete has the expertise to submit SSDs to the relevant country on your behalf.


A Transfer of Residence (TOR) applies to anyone looking to transfer their normal place of residence from the UK to Ireland, or vice versa. A Transfer of Residence also allows a person to claim relief on the items they are bringing with them. This applies to imported goods, including animals and means of transport. 


Source & Supply

Having difficulty with your logistics processes – why not let us take care of it?
This is one of our new and exciting services which enables the customer to outsource the Sourcing and Supplying of goods. 

We work closely with our customers to understand the exact requirements and then offer a bespoke solution to match these. Customs Complete offer advice on all aspects of Customs, Shipping and Logistics and are a chosen outsource partner for many Businesses across Ireland, France and the UK. To put it simply – We make it happen

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