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Post Brexit Customs Clearance

As of January 1, 2021, Post Brexit Customs Clearance is a necessary requirement for all shipments between the UK and the EU. This new obligation is creating additional risks, costs and delays for many companies. Import and Export declarations must now be present to the relevant Customs authority before goods will be able to legally travel between countries.

The decision for the UK to leave the EU is already having a significant impact on trade between Ireland & the UK. With the road ahead still uncertain businesses must be prepared for any possible changes coming their way. 

Our Post Brexit Customs Clearance service give you complete clarity and control navigating Customs and allow you to stay one step ahead. We make sure to cover every eventuality so no last-minute surprises are thrown your way. Our expertise is allowing businesses to continue trading without disruption. 

We operate digitally and allow our Customers to send their documents via email. We will then communicate directly with HMRC and Irish Revenue to submit the relevant Customs Declarations and ensure that your goods are cleared through Customs.

We offer Import and Export Declarations, Transit Declarations, Safety and Security Declarations and other Niche Services. For more information visit our Customs Clearance Services page

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