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Phytosanitary Certificate

Do I Need a Phytosanitary Certificate?

A Phytosanitary Certificate is a legal requirement when exporting plants or plant based products. These documents must be submitted alongside the Customs Export Declaration. The PS certificate ensures that the goods fulfil the export requirements and state that the goods are free from disease and potential hazards, including pests.

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Phytosanitary certificate

What Products Require a Phytosanitary Certificate?

To check whether you need a Phytosanitary Certificate when exporting you can contact the Plant Health department in the country of import. If you are not clear about the requirements for the PS certificate you can also contact your local plant health authority. – listed below:

How Do I Get a UK Phytosanitary Certificate

England and Wales

The local body governing Plant Health matters in England and Wales is known as Animal Plant Health Agency (APHA). You can contact your local APHA plant health and seeds inspector or call 0300 1000 313 (option 2)



For exporting plant products from Scotland you will need to contact SASA (plant health) which is a department within the Scottish Government Agriculture and Rural Economy Directorate. The SASA will be able to assist you will all matters regarding the Scottish Phytosanitary certificates

0131 244 8890


Northern Ireland

To export phytosanitary goods from Northern Ireland you will need to contact the Plant and Tree health Department within DAERA – Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs.

0300 200 7847


How Do I Get an Irish Phytosanitary Certificate?

Republic of Ireland

For plant / agricultural exports from Ireland you will need to contact the Department of Agriculture Forestry and the Marine (DAFM). DAFM will be able to help you get an Irish Phytosanitary Certificate.

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