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We’re committed to providing you with complete customs clearance solutions that will save you time, money and stress. Our expertise will ensure that you avoid unwanted fines and delays.

Import Declarations

Import Declarations are a legal requirement for all goods coming into Ireland from outside the EU. To ensure that the goods move freely through customs, the declaration needs to be submitted before the goods depart. This gives customs plenty of time to identify the goods, make sure that they’re compliant, and avoid putting the shipment into storage.

Customs Complete helps you prepare and present the necessary import documentation required by customs to get your goods into Ireland hassle-free. We guide you through each step of the process to ensure the swift and efficient arrival of your goods. 

We compile the paperwork, make sure that it’s compliant and then submit it to Irish Revenue well in advance of the goods departing the UK. It’s our priority to ensure the quick transition of your goods through customs with no delays. 

Export Declarations

Export Declarations are a requirement for any goods being exported outside the EU. This comes in the shape of a form that needs to be submitted to customs at the port of departure. It provides information on what’s being exported, helping customs to identify any prohibited or restricted goods that could be subject to conditions or require a license. 

We offer fully compliant export declarations to ensure the swift departure of your goods out of Ireland. Here at Customs Complete, we will help you to complete the required processes and steps needed to complete export declarations. 

It’s our commitment to get your goods through customs as quickly as possible and to make sure that you avoid any hidden costs. We can help you declare exports with electronic, verbal and conclusive declarations. 

Transit Declaration

At Customs Complete, we pride ourselves on making sure that your trade remains uninterrupted with no delays. That’s why we offer fully compliant transit procedures for goods that need to be moved to or via the UK (including through the UK landbridge) under customs control. 

A Transit Declaration procedure facilitates the movement of goods through the UK as a common transit country. This allows duties and other charges on imported and exported goods to be suspended until they arrive at their destination.

We will help you to complete the required processes and steps to complete a transit customs declaration that will avoid any hidden costs and get your goods through the UK as quickly as possible. Our service includes creating your transit declarations, submitting them to the Irish Revenue customs system, and once approved, having them sent to the NCTS (New Computerized Transit System). 

Transfer of Residence (TOR)

Safety and Security Declaration (SSD & ENS)

Due to new Brexit regulations, it’s now a legal requirement to have a Safety and Security Declaration (SSD) for all vehicles coming into Europe for the first time out of the UK. It is a separate obligation from the Import and Export Declarations and can result in fines or prosecution if not completed correctly. 

Imported goods need an ENS (Entry Summary Declaration) and exported goods will require an EXS (Exit Summary Declaration). These declarations must be completed before arriving at the port. Customs Clearance has the expertise to submit SSDs to the relevant country on your behalf. 

We’ll help you gather all the necessary documentation and submit it with the relevant Import Control System (ICS) well before your goods are set to arrive or depart. We give you peace of mind that your goods will be arriving at their chosen destination with no hassle. 

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