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Transfer of Residence (TOR)

For information or to request a quote for shipping your personal goods to Ireland or the UK please fill out the form below

To read a guide about Transfer of Residence UK click here

Transfer of Residence Checklist

It will be necessary for us to upload PDF or JPG images with the application form as evidence.

Please ensure that before starting the TOR process you have:

  • A complete list of all the goods you’re moving – you must be specific, for example, you should write ‘microwave’ or ‘washing machine’ rather than ‘kitchen appliances’; you do not need to:
    • List individual books or clothing items
    • Provide values or brands for items
    • Format the list in a special way
  • Your passport photo page – if you’re in the military and do not have a passport, you’ll need to provide a picture of your NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) orders or moving orders
  • An animal health certificate or passport code for any animals you will be travelling with– if you do not have these yet you can still submit an application, but you must provide the evidence once it is available.
  • Proof of the address you will be moving to in the UK or Ireland, such as a utility bill (dated within the last 3 months) or a mortgage or rental agreement – if you do not have a fixed address yet, provide either:
    • A statement from the person you’ll be living with and proof of their address
    • Evidence of temporary accommodation, such as a hotel booking
  • Proof of your current address that you’re moving from (or moved from previously), such as a utility bill (dated within the last 3 months) or a mortgage or rental agreement; this should be for your usual address – you do not need to tell us about any short stays while on your way to the UK, for example, in a hotel, or with friends
  • Details of any vehicle you’re bringing with you*, including the:
    • Year of manufacture
    • Model
    • Brand
    • VIN or chassis number
    • Registration number
    • Date the ID number or registration certificate was issued and the country of issue
    • Purchase date
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