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Calais Port, a vital maritime gateway on the Northern coast of France, is not just a picturesque destination, it is a linchpin of international trade. In this blog, we will look at Calais Port’s pivotal role in the European market and how it approaches the complex world customs clearance.

Situated at the heart of Europe’s trade route, Calais Port plays a crucial role in connecting the continent of Europe to worldwide markets. This location and the port’s specialisation in roll-on/roll-off cargo means that Calais deals with a massive volume of cargo every day. Ro-Ro is a very popular form of cargo delivery due to the ease of seamlessly being able to embark and disembark vessels. This means Calais Port’s customs clearance procedures must be of a high standard. Goods must be able to move with ease in and out of the port with minimal delays

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Calais Port ensure that their customs clearance process is efficient by introducing measures which help streamline the whole operation.

  1. Investment in Technology: Calais Port have invested heavily in digital customs technologies. These advancements automate a lot of the process which allows certain products to be cleared by customs authorities before their boat even arrives in the port. These technologies also help reduce administrative burden and human error for importers and exporters, thus making the process much more efficient.
  2. Modern Infrastructure: Calais Port boasts advanced customs facilities as well as specialised inspection zones. These zones exist to inspect products coming into the port and make sure they are accompanied with the correct documentation as well as ensuring the goods adhere to customs regulations.

These measures were put in place in order to help streamline the customs clearance process and ensure on time delivery for businesses who use Calais Port. Port authorities also encourage businesses to partner with customs agents and brokers. These experts have extensive knowledge on customs protocols in Calais Port and can help you successfully navigate the complicated world of customs clearance.

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