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Situated on the east coast, the Port of Felixstowe stands as the UK’s largest and busiest container port, ranking among the largest in Europe. Handling approximately 4 million TEUs and accommodating 2000 ships annually, Felixstowe Port boasts deep waters near the open sea, enabling it to serve some of the largest ships globally. Understanding customs clearance procedures at the Port of Felixstowe is crucial for businesses engaged in import and export activities, especially for goods traveling from the UK to Ireland. Leveraging the expertise of customs clearance agents can streamline the process, ensuring efficient movement of goods and compliance with customs declarations and charges.

Felixstowe is home to approximately 17 shipping lines that provide 33 distinct services, connecting with over 700 ports across the globe. Thanks to its unparalleled rail and road infrastructure, which connects the port to distribution centres in the Midlands and other parts of the UK, Felixstowe plays an essential role in ensuring the smooth flow of trade in the UK. This, in turn, yields substantial advantages for customers, the local community, and the broader industry.

Due to the high volume of goods and people travelling through Felixstowe Port, the port authorities had to invest massively into its customs clearance procedures. This is crucial as an efficient customs clearance process means goods can be moved through the port quickly and seamlessly without delays or interruptions.

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Customs Clearance Procedures in Felixstowe Port

Like every other port in the world, the Port of Felixstowe places a massive emphasis on its customs clearance procedures. Importers and exporters must abide by customs rules and regulations and provide port authorities with certain information in order to allow goods to be brought in and out of the port.

This information includes the value of goods being imported, their weight, their country of origin, their commodity codes, and their incoterms. This information can be found on several documents. These documents include commercial invoices, packing lists, bill of ladings, and airway bills. Shipments must be accurate to the information provided to customs authorities, if they are not goods can be inspected and even seized.

Both goods due to be imported and exported must be accompanied by customs declarations. These declarations confirm the information shown in the documents from above. They also show whether any import duty must be paid for certain goods and also shows other information like time of arrival/departure.

Shipments travelling through Felixstowe Port are subject to inspections. Inspections can be documentary, physical and/or identity checks. Port authorities carry out these checks in order to ensure that goods are matching their documentation and accompanied by accurate customs declarations.

Many businesses partner with customs brokers in order to aid in achieving customs clearance for their goods. These specialists have extensive knowledge in this area and help reduce the likelihood of delays and in some cases fines due to lack of compliance.


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