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The largest port by tonnage in the UK is the Port of Immingham. The port handles approximately 46 million tonnes of cargo every year. The Port of Immingham is part of the Associated British Ports (ABP) group. Together with its fellow ABP members, Grimsby, Hull, and Goole, Immingham Port is part of the UK’s leading port complex. Immingham serves as a vital node in the supply chain, facilitating seamless trade between the UK, EU, and the rest of the world. Read on to find out more about Customs Clearance in Immingham

Due to the port’s sheer size and large volume of goods moving in and out daily, there is a lot of customs clearance activities in the area.

Customs Clearance at Immingham

Every port in the world deals with customs clearance everyday and Immingham Port is no exception. Because of Immingham Port being in the UK, it deals with a large number of customs procedures. With goods coming in from the EU, Ireland and the rest of the world, the Port of Immingham has had to invest heavily in its customs clearance procedures. This is to ensure goods move seamlessly in and out of the port allowing for uninterrupted supply chains for British, Irish, and European companies.

    • Documentation: Documentation is perhaps the biggest part of customs clearance in Immingham Port. Every good that is imported and exported through the Port of Immingham must be accompanied by the proper documentation. These documents include commercial invoices, packing lists, bill of ladings, or airway bills. These documents are used to show exactly what is in each shipment that enters or leaves the port, where the good is form, the goods’ commodity codes, and the value of the goods.

    • Declarations: Along with documents, goods must be accompanied with the relevant declarations. Import and export declarations must be accompanied with all goods moving in and out of the Port if Immingham. Goods cannot move through Immingham Port without these declarations.

    • Inspections & Checks: The Port Authorities of Immingham Port carry out regular checks on goods moving through the port. These inspections can range from physical checks to documentary checks and identity checks. These inspections are put in place to ensure all goods are accompanied by the proper declarations and match all accompanying documents.

Many businesses importing and exporting goods to and from The Port of Immingham partner with customs agents to help with achieving customs clearance for their products. These experts can help you navigate the customs clearance procedures in Immingham Port. They know which declarations are needed for each product and they can help prepare them to ensure goods arrive and leave the port on ti

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