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Dating all the way back to 1622, Larne Port has been one of the main commercial ports in Northern Ireland. Located in County Antrim, the port helps accommodate trade between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. In recent years Larne Port has grown and developed into a very popular port for businesses wishing to import and export goods to and from the UK. Read on for more information about Customs Clearance in Larne.

Throughout the years Larne Port has undergone significant modernisation, resulting in substantial growth. The port currently features state-of-the-art facilities for both freight and passenger services. These facilities help the port on average 200,000 freight unit and 520,000 passengers every year. These numbers have grown mainly due to the £17 million investment in infrastructure. This investment was made to enhance the efficiency and capacity.

Larne Port is a big actor in the Northern Irish economy. Accounting for almost 20% of all seaborn trade into Northern Ireland, Larne Port is estimated to have an annual economic impact of £100 million.

Just like all cargo ports in the world, Larne Port delas with large amounts of customs clearance procedures. Due to the large volume of shipments travelling through Larne Port, the port authorities must focus heavily on customs clearance to ensure all goods are being imported and exported properly as well as goods are processed through the port for quick and on-time delivery.


    • Documentation: For goods to pass through Larne Port they must be accompanied by the proper documentation. These documents include commercial invoices and/or packing lists. These documents show port authorities important information about the goods being imported or exported. Value, weight, county of origin, and the commodity code must be provided to port authorities. Authorities inspect these goods and make sure they match the adjoining documents.

    • Declarations: Goods that are imported and exported through Larne Port must also be accompanied by an import/export declaration. Similar to the documentation, these declarations show customs authorities in Larne Port what exactly is in each shipment. It is crucial that goods are accompanied by these declarations as if they are not, they will not be allowed to enter or leave Larne Port.

Customs brokers are often contacted by businesses that import and export through Larne Port. These specialists have extensive knowledge in the area of customs clearance procedures in Larne Port and can ensure goods are passed through the port with minimal delays.

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