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What is a GMR number?

This article will describe exactly what is a GMR number and when it needs to be used. A GMR (Goods Movement Reference) number is generated by the GVMS (Goods Vehicle Movement System) which is used by hauliers who are transporting goods. The GMR is like an envelope which holds all the details of the customs declarations within the shipment.

Due to Brexit, the UK (United Kingdom) is no longer part of the EU and so goods travelling to and from the country need customs clearance. The UK Government launched the GVMS system to facilitate the simple trade of goods being imported or exported to or from the UK. The GMR number proves to the border control that the goods within the shipment have been authorised for import and declared to HM Revenue and Customs.

Who needs a GMR?

From January 1st 2022, the UK government will begin checking imports coming into the UK from the EU. Hauliers / Customs agents will need to “pre-lodge” customs declarations using the GVMS system.

Anyone travelling to the UK as freight and importing goods will need a valid GMR number to board a ferry headed to a GB port which uses GVMS. A GMR number is valid for 28 days and can only be used once as it specifies the details for one crossing.

The haulier will be notified of any upcoming physical customs checks by HMRC and the details of the location where the physical check will be carried out.

What is a GMR Number?

The GMR number contains:

  • Shipping route, carrier and time of departure and arrival
  • The Vehicle Registration number – unless goods are travelling unaccompanied  
  • Whether the goods are travelling as – Accompanied / unaccompanied
  • All trailer numbers being transported
  • Movement Reference Numbers (MRN numbers) for all goods contained within the trailers. 
  • Safety and security declaration (SSD) for all goods in the shipment (if required) 
  • Transit declaration references for all goods in the shipment (if required)
  • ATA Carnet References 

For a detailed guide on how to obtain a GMR from HMRC click here

Many major GB ports operate using the GVMS system such as Holyhead, Liverpool, Dover and Felixstowe

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