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How To Find A Customs Agent

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Is your business exploring the possibility of international trade but you feel restricted and confused due to the new Brexit regulations? You are not alone… From Start-Up companies to well-established multinational organisations, the repercussions of the ongoing Brexit saga have been felt by all. The new lack of free trade and freedom of movement have caused companies to rethink their logistical strategies and, in some cases, completely stop importing and exporting to and from the UK. For those that wish to continue trading, it is important to find a Customs Agent that will ensure your declarations are done efficiently and correctly.

There are four main categories in which companies now sit:

  1. Stopped trading completely with the UK
  2. Stopped exporting from the UK
  3. Implemented a solution to handle Customs declarations but are unsatisfied and are still facing problems.
  4. Adapted to the new changes and working with a Customs Agent / Logistics planner to ensure the continuous flow of goods. *

Unfortunately, many companies find themselves in the first three categories and are losing out on potential revenue from the international market. A lack of training and in-house knowledge means that companies are at a stalemate with regards to their trade with the UK. It is important to find a Customs Agent that is efficient and well connected to avoid any delays.

*Contact us or call us on +35391429737 or +442038307780 if you would like to move from the first three categories to the fourth

Import Duty and Postponed VAT on UK and Irish Import

Fortunately, setting up your company to Import / Export to and from the UK is not as complicated and unachievable as it may seem. Goods that originate in the EU can still benefit from a 0% duty rate and companies with a UK or Irish VAT number are able to postpone the import VAT and account for it in their VAT return. This means that, in most cases, the real price of trading goods between the UK and Europe has not increased.

Click here for more information on Postponed VAT accounting

VAT and Duty Free Import Customs Procedures

There are also many different Customs procedures which facilitate the VAT and Duty free movement of goods, such as:

How to Find a Customs Agent in UK and Ireland

Customs Complete has offices in London and Galway so we are able to facilitate trade in and out of either country. We offer free advice and bespoke Customs and Freight services between UK, Ireland and the rest of the world.

We are a 24/7 365 Customs Agency who will work with you to create a tailor made service that blends with your internal processes. We can work alongside your own freight provider to save you time or we can recommend our own freight partners and manage the delivery from start to finish.

Contact a Customs Clearance Agent

If you have any questions about how to restart trade with the UK you can Contact Us on +44 2038 307 780 (UK) or +353 91 429 737 (Ireland).

Alternatively you can email us on info@customscomplete.com or contact us via Social Media below:

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