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The Centralised Clearance for Import (CCI) under the European Union Customs Code (UCC) streamlines the import clearance process, enabling goods to be cleared in a different member state than where the declaration is lodged. This FAQ provides an overview of CCI, detailing its benefits, eligibility criteria, operational details, and future developments.

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Centralised Clearance

What is Centralised Clearance CCI?

Centralised Clearance for Import (CCI) is a streamlined customs process under the European Union Customs Code (UCC). It allows goods to be cleared in a different member state than where the declaration is lodged.

The customs declaration is submitted to a supervising office, which coordinates with a presentation office in another country to determine if inspections are required. Taxes are levied based on local rates and collected by the supervising office, which then informs the presentation office to release the goods.

Key Dates:

  • June 2023: Trader Specifications published.
  • Q4 2024: Public Interface Test (PIT) environment available.
  • 2025: AIS Upgrade and CCI Phase 1 and 2 go live.

What are the benefits of Centralised Clearance CCI?

  1. Single Customs Contact: Traders have one point of contact for customs matters, reducing interactions with multiple customs offices.
  2. Standardised Declarations: A harmonised set of declarations simplifies compliance, auditing, and training.
  3. Centralised Financial Management: Traders can manage all customs-related finances through one office, simplifying tax payments and account management.
  4. Reduced Administrative Costs: Streamlined procedures and consolidated accounts lower administrative expenses.

Who is eligible for Centralised Clearance?

To use CCI clearance, traders must:

  1. Obtain a Single Authorisation for Simplified Procedure (SASP) permit.
  2. Possess Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) certification.
  3. Utilize digital customs processes.
  4. Secure permission from each member state where goods will be cleared

What is the future of CCI?

Digitalisation: The EU aims for a fully digital clearance process, eliminating manual coordination between customs offices. Spain tested the centralised clearance mechanism in 2023, and further digital advancements are expected across the EU.

What is the scope of UCC CCI?

  • Authorisation: Economic operators can lodge customs declarations at their supervising customs office while presenting goods at a different member state’s customs office.
  • Centralisation: Aims to centralise business activities related to imports, reducing interactions with multiple customs offices.

How does UCC CCI work?

  • Validation: The supervising customs office validates and processes declarations and communicates with the presentation customs office for necessary controls.
  • Duties and Release: Once duties are paid, the supervising customs office informs the presentation customs office to release the goods.

Who are the main actors in Centralised Clearance ?

  1. CCI Authorisation Holder (Declarant): The economic operator who lodges customs declarations and communicates only with the supervising customs office.
  2. Supervising Customs Office (SCO): The primary point of contact for customs declarations, responsible for several clearance functions.
  3. Presentation Customs Office (PCO): The customs office where goods are physically presented, responsible for physical inspections and VAT calculations.

What are the system functions of Centralised Clearance?

  • Customs Declarations: Standard, simplified, and supplementary declarations.
  • Customs Procedures: Includes release for free circulation, re-import, end-use, inward processing, and customs warehousing.
  • Customs Processes: Registration, acceptance, amendment, invalidation, risk analysis, control management, customs debt, VAT management, goods release, and monitoring statistics.


The Centralised Clearance system aims to make import processes more efficient, cost-effective, and digitally integrated, benefiting both traders and customs authorities across the EU.

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